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Win a free salsa DVD rental!

Reviews are great for other dancers and we want to know what you think. Every month we'll have a draw where you can win a free one month rental or an upgrade of your existing subscription. How?

  1. Rent a video
  2. Post a review
  3. Share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network
  4. Err ... that's it!

Eligible users will be those who have posted reviews in the month preceding the draw. salsaflix.tv reserves the right to change the terms at any time.

Rent a DVD now and enter!

Congratulations to Patrick Ashby who was last month's winner for his review of Lee Hunter's Improver's Guide to Salsa.

How does salsaflix.tv work?

salsaflix.tv keeps the content of each salsa DVD as an online video so it can be streamed direct to your computer, tablet or phone. On each DVD/video page there are various rental options. Once you have chosen one, you will be asked to register or login (if you have already registered) and pay for your video. Once the payment is received you can watch your DVD/video at any time during the rental period by simply by going to the website and logging in. Your current rentals can be found under the "My Profile" link at the top of the page.

Each salsa DVD/video features a playlist menu, so it is easy to watch one section repeatedly to help you learn better.